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    Double click on mouse with Leopard 10.5.6.
    Got myself a brand new 24 inch iMac and I cannot get the double click to a decent speed. I use a French Canadian keyboard and a logitech wireless mouse. Worked very well with my previous Power book (PowerPC).Also there is an annoying delay when I type. I had the same problem with the iMac mouse (which by the way is not very pleasant to use).I tried to download RFI and my leopard refused it. Can someone savvy tell me what to do. Thanks in advance.

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    System prefs > Mouse & Keyboard.
    The Mac mighty mouse will be set to one button by default, set the secondary click. Set your double click speed there too.

    Make sure you use NEW logitech drivers, if you install them, as the older drivers installed APE which caused many a problem with Leopard.

    I have a logitech mouse which works well with the Mac's default drivers and a Mac Bluetooth Mighty mouse, prefer the mighty mouse any day with it's clean lines & 360º scrolling.
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