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    Is it possible to compare two folders of similar content and:
    What I'm doing right now, and very painfully so.. is trying to compare content within two different directories in two finder windows, and weeding out what is already in one, so that I don't copy over any duplicates. These are photos, btw.

    I know that the first logical thing to suggest would be to simply copy everything from one directory, and paste it into the other one, and just skip over the ones which already exist, but this will pose a problem eventually, since the number of files are too many for me to sit around and keep pressing "skip" etc..

    So, is there an process within OS X (I'm doubting it but.. ) or an application which will kind of automate this process for me ? I've got 2 or more folders with possibly redundant NEF files, and I'd like to rid them from my external HD. If anybody has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.


    Nevermind, I guess ? I attempted to do the copy paste thing and it worked well enough. I was just paranoid that something would get messed up in the process.

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    Not sure if it helps, but I use a program called XFolders for similar tasks. It's a dual-pane file manager that can simplify these tasks.

    Apple - Downloads - System/Disk Utilities - Xfolders
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    Take a look at this application.
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