Thanks to several of you for trying to help me straighten my new Mac Book out. The energy saver preference pane was missing from my system preference folder and I was unable to adjust any energy settings. Today, I took my original 10.5.5 disk that came with my macbook and inserted it while holding down C (while booting up). When it said it couldn't install the disk, it gave me an options tab. I selected Archive and Install and Preserve User and Network Settings... I then applied it. It took a bit over an hour but the MacBook is back to normal (with all of my movies/pics/music still on board). The energy savings preference is working again. I plugged in my external hard drive and Time Machined today's settings, incase I loose the pane again to a 10.5.6 or further update. Just thought I'd post my fix incase it helps anyone else out. Thanks!