I don't seem to be successful with the association between a file type and its application ('always open with').

I recently installed OpenOffice 3.0. I wanted to keep OpenOffice 2.3 just in case it was needed, so I renamed it ZZOpenOffice to distinguish it.

Double clicking in Finder on a .odt file then loaded ZZOpenOffice as expected. So I go to the File Info for the .odt file, and went to the 'Open with' box which had ZZOpenOffice (default). So I selected instead OpenOffice 3.0. But when I then clicked on 'Change All' and answered the 'are you sure ..?' question, the application selected changed back to ZZOpenOffice. This happens every time I try.

The only way I can find to make the association stick is to use the Finder menu File .. Always Open With .. - this works but only for that specific file. Any other .odt file is still associated with ZZOpenOffice.

Strangely, I've had no difficulty getting .doc or .xls or .ods files to open with OpenOffice 3.0. Their 'Open With' info changed to OpenOffice (default) without a problem.

What am I doing wrong?

- Malcolm