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    Regarding uninstalling programs
    So what I did was, I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop, when it had expired, I thought my first initial reaction was to click and drag the whole folder into the bin - to automatically uninstall.

    I just realised that in one of the folders, there was a proper uninstall thingy and I never did that, I am now wondering if there are still bits of Photoshop files in my Macbook?

    Thing is I know with PC, eventhough you delete the main folder, there's just bits of Adobe files everywhere...argh!

    Edit: Sorry, I think the term is "leftover Photoshop components" lol.

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    In the future you'll want to use something like AppZapper or AppCleaner to remove programs- they go through and delete the various system files. In any case I don't think you have too much to worry about - the files remaining are likely just plists and things like that which aren't very big at all.

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    RE-intsall the trail of photoshop then use AppZapper as miles01110 said to do a thorough unistall
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