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    Repairing Volume.... questions and problems.
    So i used onyx.... my smart status is good. however, my volume needs to be repaired.

    i don't really know what it means, but the only reason i haven't done it (do i launch from the leopard disk?) is because of a stupid question... do i lose my data from doing this?

    and an aside, my mac runs great... an imac i bought mid 2007. i got leopard last year, and the only problem i have is that many of the applications in the utilities folder don't work... activity monitor, audio midi setup... then i have sherlock and stickies that say they don;t work with my current version of OSX. can i just delete them?

    answers to ANY of these questions would be great. Thanks!

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    haha anybody?

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    I have never lost any data from running disk repair. Don't think I've heard it reported by anyone else either. Not going to say it couldn't happen.

    See this link on how to do it. Scroll down to 'Try disk Utility' or 'Use fsck' if your disk is not handy.

    Looks to me like you have plenty of other issues though. I'd be thinking of running a new back up and then doing a fresh install with the 'archive and install' while choosing to keep your data and settings.
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    bobtomay has provided info on running Repair Disk whilst booted from the Leopard DVD install disk. Other items indicate you probably did an upgrade install of Leopard which was not the greatest way to go.

    Archive and Install will place a new copy of Leopard on the drive and all your applications etc will be contained in a folder named 'Old OS'. Just take out what you need and trash the rest. Go to the Apple web site and download the X.5.6 combo updater, install, run Repair Permissions.

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