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Thread: Text gets smaller - why?

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    Text gets smaller - why?
    Sometimes when I'm my Macbook Pro surfing a website, the text of the site will get significantly smaller, and i don't know why. It might have something to do with the track pad which is kinda sensitive. it could be a new feature for this new model, but I'm not sure, and for those who do, how do you bring the text to normal after it re-sizes? It's fine now, but just for future reference because it gets annoying. Thanks.

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    Does it get smaller by itself or when you push something? What browser?
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    It might be when I push something. It's in Safari, usually. Might've happened with Firefox, too.

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    I suggest that next time it happens, try to remember more specifically what you might have done to cause it. Meanwhile, you can resize text from the menu bar at the top of the desktop screen: view/make text bigger-smaller and the key commands to do it are listed right there cmmnd +, cmmnc 0 or cmmnd -. So you have two ways to resize text.

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    You're accidentally "pinching" with the trackpad. You can turn this off in system preferences, or just unpinch to make the text larger again.

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    Keep finger tips together when two finger scrolling & surfing
    Keeping your thumb off the bottom of the trackpad helps too.

    Quick keys to put the font size back to normal command zero.

    You can turn of the finder zoom option in finder prefs > advanced but you cannot turn off the pinch zoom in the trackpad prefs.
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