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    Is it easy to update from DVD?
    I have a mac mini running 10.4 that I was trying to connect to bluetooth speakers and they won't work. Googling around I saw on another forum someone suggested that 10.5 would solve the problem. So I have a retail 10.5 dvd, can I just throw it in and go through the setup process? Do I have to boot to it? I know a backup is always suggested before something like this but do I have to worry about losing settings?

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    You have to boot the mini with the Leopard retail DVD. When you get to the installation menu, choose "archive and install" in order to retain your previous data and settings. Backing up before updating the OS is an excellent idea.

    See the following Apple KB article to learn about "archive and install" Link


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    awesome, thanks chscag

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    Do note that you can also do an upgrade, but that is not the preferred method for installing Leopard. Unfortunately, straight upgrades have proven to be unreliable. An 'Archive and Install' gives you the benefits of doing a clean install without losing any of your data or settings.

    Also, before you do this, check to make sure that all of your applications are up to date. I recommend a program like AppFresh to do so. Some applications have been updated for Leopard compatibility.
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    backing up now,

    thanks all, this place is a goldmine of advice

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