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    Migrating Files from G3 imac to Intel 2.4GHz iMac
    Hi there,

    Problem: Migrating files from 1999 G3 333GHz imac running OSX.4.11 to new imac

    I hope somebody can give me some advice. I took delivery of a brand new 2.4GHz intel imac on Friday 6 March. Migration Assistant sounded sounded simple enough, but when I connected (and re-connected) using firewire ports and going through the Migration Assistant process, all I would get was a message saying that I couldn't transfer files between the two macs. On closer inspection, Migration Assistant on the Intel iMac allows me to transfer files files to and from it, but on checking the Migration Assistant in the old G3 Mac, the parameters only allow files to be transferred to the G3.

    There just has to be a way of transferring files, settings and I would be grateful for any assistance out in planet mac.



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    If you have got a external disk, you can clone the contents of the old G3 using superduper

    then Migration Assistant can work off that external to bring the files across
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