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Thread: screen/graphic card trouble

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    screen/graphic card trouble
    I think my graphics card has gone bad because i have this strip down the side of my screen that wont go away no matter what i do & the screen flickers from time 2 time. i attached a picture of what the screen looks like. so does anyone know how/where i can get it fixed or an estimate about how much it would cost?
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    Assuming that your machine is no longer under warranty.... and since you didn't mention what model you have???

    Check repair prices here.


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    How do you know it is the graphics card...
    it could very well be the screen itself...

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    i asked some of my teachers that work with macs & they thought it was the graphics card. either way its gonna cost an arm & leg probably. sorry i thought i mentioned what it was. its an iMac. its about 3 years old to.

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    It looks like artifacts. Artifacts is leftover pixel information that isn't refreshing (in a nutshell). I really doubt that is from the monitor itself. Most likely it is the video card overheating or failing in some way...

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    You do not state what model machine you are using in your avatar, however if it is a desktop, open her up and make sure the graphics card is seated firmly, and if so is the fan unit, if installed, starting up on bootup as they do fail and fry the cards.

    Next pop in Apple Hardware Test and let it run the full program. Graphics, pixels etc are included in the final test.

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