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    Burning Help
    I have been playing around with burning on my new Macbook Pro,and i am
    having a hard time burning audio cd's at the speed i want.I have been trying to burn them at a slower speed but try as i might, i am only able to burn at 8x speed.I burned an audio cd in itunes and selected 2x speed.The cd burned in about 8 minutes which is way too quick for about 50(roughly) minutes of music.I called Apple's customer support line and spoke with 3 people about my issue, all of which were unbelievable stupid and useless.One of them tried to feed me some nonsense about how all drives take different amounts of time to burn at certain speeds therefore it's quicker then on my desktop(pc),which is absolutely idiotic.The next guy told me that there is no need to ever burn at a slower speed then 8x as a solution, which i found absolutely infuriating.That's like someone selling you a car that maxes out at 80 mph and saying "but you don't need to drive faster then that".How about you don't tell me how to use my computer
    buddy alright.I like to burn audio cd's slower.I am an audiophile and i happen to think they sound better that way.Also if i try to use finder or another piece of software like Burn the only option i get is 8x speed.Any help would be greatly appreciated, since Apple only seems to employ incompetent customer support reps.

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    Have you tried different media? My mac's burn speeds is dictated by the media inserted.

      Firmware Revision:	AP12
      Interconnect:	ATAPI
      Burn Support:	Yes (Apple Shipping Drive)
      Cache:	2048 KB
      Reads DVD:	Yes
      CD-Write:	-R, -RW
      DVD-Write:	-R, -R DL, -RW, +R, +R DL, +RW
      Write Strategies:	CD-TAO, CD-SAO, CD-Raw, DVD-DAO
      Media:	Insert media and refresh to show available burn speeds
    even says it on the last line.
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