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    How do to change a file's "kind" in Finder?
    I have some PNG files and even though they all have the same ".png" extension, they have different values in the "kind" column in finder. Some of the files are:

    "Portable Network Graphics images" while others are
    "Adobe Photoshop PNG file"

    This is an issue because when sorting by kind, I expect all my PNGs to be together and instead they are apart due to their different "kind" values.

    How can I change the "kind" property of a file? Take note, changing the "opens with" property under "Get Info" does not change file kind.
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    well Portable Network Graphic is what the PNG is, but how were the files created? I'm thinking they might have different color depth, the Adobe PS PNG having a higher depth?

    PNG supports both 8bit and 16bit color depth, try resaving your images

    still, just a wild guess

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    Thanks for the reply scathe, I actually tried resaving the photoshop png in Preview before and that actually did change the kind value to "Portable Network Graphics image"

    but I feel like that's a bit of a workaround specific to PNGs and am wondering if there is some sort of general solution to edit a file's kind value for any file.

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