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    Question How do I prioritize menu bar items?
    I like having a lot of things running in the menu bar especially istat menus. I only have a 13" screen, so what often times happens is when I'm using a program that has a lot of File, Edit, View type drop-down menus, the Help and Window menus take priority over the icons I have that it runs into.

    Is there a 3rd party application that can fix this? Maybe something that can combine Window and Help? I hardly ever use any of the those menus anyway since I like shortcut keys.

    If I can get this figured out, it'll be another reason why I shouldn't switch back to Linux.

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    I take it your top menu bar is crowded to the point that some application menus overlap the icons?

    Maybe "Candybar" can help. Link

    Not sure if it has the ability to change the top menu or not but give it a look and decide for yourself. Otherwise, the only other suggestion I have is attach a large monitor to your MacBook. At high resolutions that would give more real estate room at the top menu bar.


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    I don't think that's what I'm looking for.

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