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Thread: Save to multiple hard drives with one save?

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    Question Save to multiple hard drives with one save?
    Hello there. I was wondering if there's a way where you can save to multiple hard drives with one save?

    This would be mainly used for my graphics work. You see, I often need to take my hard drive into university, thus I edit my hard drive work so when I take it home I have to copy work of up to 15GB. I know I can also say don't replace but I often edit same name files so they won't be updated.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Regards, James George Dunn.

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    No way to do it unless you had some sort of a raid setup for multiple hard drives on one machine. (If I'm understanding your question correctly.)

    See the following Wikipedia article on RAID: Link


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    too much of a hassle to use raid for this imo ... also I'm not sure how raid works when one drive in internal and the other external (meaning sata vs usb/fw)

    you can maybe create a script, or use Automator, that you would run to copy everything when you connect the drive?

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    Plus I'm not sure it would work well to have a RAID (even a mirrored RAID) that you can break up whenever you want.

    Better to just use some sort of backup/sync software, which I'm not too familiar with.

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