I noted recently that my HD space was rapidly disappearing. I ran disc inventory and found that everything on my machine was being backed up to a hidden volume, hence the rapid loss of space.

My first thought was that somehow time machine was the culprit, however I created a test file dropped it in a folder, ran time machine, and saw that it was NOT copied to the extra volume.

I realized nothing was actually being run from this volume so I cleared out the itunes music folder to free up some space. When I woke up this morning, my music folder and the test file magically reappeared on the hidden volume.

It appears an incremental backup is taking place automatically, and I have no idea how. I toyed with carbon copy cloner and silver keeper a while back so Im wondering if I created an automatic task that is doing this.

How do I figure out what is creating the backup and how do I stop it. I checked CCC and I have no scheduled tasks, I also uninstalled silver keeper a while ago. Any suggestions on where to look?