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    still rebooting at random
    my mac is still rebooting at random??? why is this happening? ive done all the persmissions and crons etc// dont work

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    It looks to me like you have a hardware problem

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    can you boot off of the hardware test disc? have you recently installed any new hardware?

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    I can not tell you why it is rebooting. But I do have a few questions.

    What version of the OS are you running?
    If you updated your system, did the update complete or was it interrupted?

    You might want to try the combo update for the version that you currently running.
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    Do you have any programs in the menu bar or programs that run on the desktop, like Konfabulator. Konfabulator crashed and rebooted my iBook almost every single day for a year. Then, I decided that I didn't need it anymore, I stopped using, and my iBook has been okay ever since.

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    I put in new RAM but it didnt reboot until i installed 10.3.8 so i dunno, i have installed alot of software, but even when nothing runs, it reboots. its very annoying cuz i do alota word processing and someday im gna loose alot of info.

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    Take out the ram and turn the notebook on and mess around with it for a while. Even though the problem just arose, it could still very well be bad ram, however I have ran on bad ram on pc's for a long time until problems arose. Until you actually fill up certain packets in the ram, it won't affect you. So take it out and see if the problem arises.

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    what i have done now is i added a diff 512 dimm and gna see how this goes, it might very well be the ram as i know that macs are very picky as to which ram they like. i put in JETRAM now, i see that apple's standard is samsug, will have to get that next time. one can get a 1gig ram dimm yes/no?

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    now that i think of it, before i switched to MAC i was using that specific ram stick in my pc and it also started to reboot alot, i think that was just cuz of winblowz though. will keep myself updated on here

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    nope, not working!

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    ok, its not exactly a reboot, it just basically logs out and logs back in again. please help

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