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    10.5.6 wipes out entourage emails/addresses
    Greetings. I have been in touch with Apple & they cannot help. I have a 125GHz PowerPC G4 laptop bought 5yrs ago. Just upgraded to 10.5.6 which means I cannot use iPhoto but it has also wiped out all my MS Entourage emails and contacts. I have checked the Users files for emails and found none. Apple say I cannot use iPhoto as my version 2.0.1 is too old. Similarly if I purchase iLife I cannot use Garage or iMovie. Apple wont sell me Tiger. Any suggestions out there gratefully received. Thank you!

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    Did you do an "Archive and Install" when you upgraded to Leopard? See the following Link. If not, all your previous data has been overwritten by Leopard - unless you backed it up first.

    There are many things to consider when upgrading an operating system, as you found out. Sometimes older applications will no longer run or worse, the new operating system requires so much more in the way of resources, your older machine no longer works well.


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