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    Question about Spaces
    HELLO everybody!
    4 years ago I saw the apple-shaped light, and left the woes of PCs for an adorable, reliable 12" iBook G4 - 1.2ghz processor, 768mb ram, 60gb hdd... I freaking love that little guy! But it's been giving me trouble in the area of CHARGING it... the port is very loose. Two nights ago, the computer completely turned itself off when I went to remove the charger from the port; just the minor motion of the port sent the whole computer into a need to shut down. I was unthinkably upset. I did some brainstorming, removed the battery and put it back in, which made the computer happier and it started back up. The next day (yesterday) my father drove me up to the apple store to meet with someone at the genius bar to see what he could do for my iBook. There were measures they could take to fix it, but the price tag was adding up to hundreds, and we were looking at the possiblity/likelihood of having to send it out for a week, which I can't do because I have online college courses. The genius guy was really nice... he tried so hard to figure out the problems (another problem my computer has: it won't let me adjust the brightness at all.. including when the computer is unplugged from the charger.) In the end, when I said thank you for your help but unfortunately I can't afford to leave my laptop here and send it away for $400+ of repairs, he GAVE ME a free battery for it - so sweet of him.
    As we were walking away from the genius bar, my father asked me what computer I'd be interested in if I were to get a new one. I showed him the $1299 MacBook... aluminum unibody, 2.0ghz processor, 160gb hdd, 2gb ram.
    A salesman, Rob, came over and printed us a sheet showing how much the computer I wanted would be with iWork '09 and the extended warranty. My father and I left the store (our pooch was waiting to be walked) and while we were walking he told me he wanted to get me the laptop! So, we went back in and I now own this amazing piece of equipment that I can hardly even wrap my brains around!
    I have had nothing but positive experiences with Apple, and I'm so glad to be in business with them again!
    One thing that's confusing me: Spaces. Last night, for example, I got tired of having all of my things in 4 different spaces... so I moved them all into 1 space. But every time my friend messaged me on skype, the message popped up in another space, no matter how many times I moved it! Eventually it stayed - I'm not sure why! Any ideas on what I may have been doing wrong? And is there a way to 'disable' spaces? Or does one just do that by putting everything in 1 space?

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    If you just want everything back to one space, go to system preference>spaces>check off the "enable spaces" box at the top left side.
    i don't know how you moved your app. back to one space so I am not sure what went wrong. The fastest thing to do is disable spaces entirely.
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    Thank you! I got so lost in all the new glamourous abilities of the machine that I couldn't remember where to go to turn it off.

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