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    SuperDuper OSX into a PC?
    So I have used SuperDuper before, to transfer/copy everything in my (60gb) Mac into an external 500gb hdd, and then...swapped the hdds, and it worked perfectly! Now I have a Mac with 500gb, and a nice external 60gb hdd.

    That was when I was still using Tiger, I have now upgraded to Leopard.
    But I was wondering whether or not this would be doable on a PC, as in...a PC computer/body. If I were to SuperDuper, or not even...

    ...if I were to take out the harddrive from my Mac and literally put the harddrive inside, say...a Lenovo, would that work?

    And also, can I use SuperDuper for Leopard? I have heard some people talk about not being able to use SuperDuper for Leopard, *shrug. Regardless...this is my question! =)


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    You should physically be able to use the HD but Windows and OSX format their HDs with different filesystems and thus, each will have issues accessing the HD. For example, an HFS+ formatted HD won't be readable in Windows natively (ie without extra software installed). I believe OSX can read NTFS formatted HDs but not write to them.

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    So if I were to use the macos hdd and put that inside a lenovo...what sort of programs would I need?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanLam89 View Post
    So if I were to use the macos hdd and put that inside a lenovo...what sort of programs would I need?

    Running OS X on anything besides an Apple computer violates the software EULA and therefore discussion of such a topic violates our Forum Guidelines.

    Thread Closed.
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