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    messed up friends OSX
    I just discovered that I know just enough about Macs to be an idiot. I tried to update a friends MacBook Pro to Leopard, with an update disc that I had bought for mine. When it was installing, I skipped the disc verification part, because I'm impatient, and the installation didn't complete because it said a language component couldn't be read. I figured it was due to a dirty disc, so I tried it again without cleaning it, and then because I'm an idiot, thought I should clean the disc and stopped the installation.

    Now, the Mac OS isn't there anymore. The computer was partitioned with Boot Camp, so the PC side still works, but it doesn't even show a Mac partition to start up in. When I run the OSX disc, it says it can't find OS 10.4 so it can't install. I also have my system restore discs, so I tried them and they said they can't be run on this computer.

    The Mac Book Pro was bought used, so he doesn't have any restore discs with it. If anyone can help, please do, I feel really bad about messing this computer up. Thanks.

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    Contact Apple and have them send the recovery disks for your friend's Mac. You (not your friend) should pay for them. It isn't legal to use your OS X disks in your friend's Mac.
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