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    PC user with question about mac remote desktop
    ok I have a person that wants to set up a network with macs. fine should be easy enough. the hard part about it is, I think, she wants to be able to access her system at work from home and vice versa. on a windows system , it built in you just set up remote desktop. on a mac im not sure, do you have to buy the ARD software or is there a function built into the system for this?

    ps, I guessed about the os version, but im assuming that she has the most current version, I havent actually seen the setup yet.

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    Leopard has something called screen sharing built in, but is she accessing the work network from a home computer using a mac (if its a PC she has at home, different software is needed, but free solutions are available)

    Remote Control: Add More Functionality to Leopard's Screen Sharing
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    no it will be mac to mac, no PCs involved. I will read up on that, but does it provide full functionality. I mentioned the pc remote desktop because thats what im used to, you running the computer youre logged into over the internet for all intents and purposes.

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    VNC server is built into OSX. All you need is the viewer. Is leopard server involved in the setup?
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    Im not sure yet, but I dont think, so. there will only be 2 or 3 computers in the office and the one at the house. I dont think a server will be necessary. we will have a NAS though, but that should be simple enough.

    so VNC is built in, when did they start putting it in?? OSX 10.0? so we wouldnt need the 300 dollar ARD?? does the viewer have to be downloaded somewhere?

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