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Thread: Drive Mounting

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    Drive Mounting
    Does anybody know of script that will automatically mount a network attached storage drive and all smb shares and all share folders on login?


    Mount a single share but all folders within that share at login?

    FYI: I know how to mount a single share and single folder.

    Please help!

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    You don't need to mount all directories within separately. You can automatically mount shares at login using login items.
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    Thanks for you help.

    I know I can mount shares at login however iTunes does not recognise the folders with that share. It only recognises that you have mounted the parent share.

    For example:

    currently have all my music files stored on my NAS drive in the following location:


    Where I have the '...' above are folders within 'albums' that contain the music for that respective album - altogether 135 folders.

    When I load iTunes and 'add library' I can look at my NAS drive and select the 'albums' folder and it will recognize all the music within the folders nested in 'albums'. No problem so far all location paths and music plays fine.

    The problem arises when I restart my Mini Mac. I have had no problem mounting the NAS automatically at startup both using AppleScript or even a downloaded program in a certain instance however it will only mount the 'albums' folder so iTunes immediately will only work with the files located in this folder directly, thus not picking up any music with individual album folders.

    Is there some script I have overlooked to mount all volumes/shares and folders within the parent so that itunes can see the original paths created when first adding the library.

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