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    Hi there,

    Hope someone can help.
    I work for a Global company and deal with many contacts all over the world. I was looking for a program/ widget, whereby I could do the following:

    Access a world map, click on an area of the world, this will bring up contacts saved for that particular area.

    If this has not been done already, would be great to develop this!! For agents and managers...

    You see, we sometimes need to source people in certain areas of the world, and instead of having to access a lengthy word file, it would make sense that everytime i needed a contact, say in Australia- I just click on Aus, on the map, and it pops up with the list of contacts saved for that area!..

    Is there anything like this out already?!..

    I hope my exlaination has been sufficient..

    Many thanks

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    Not aware of a program like that, but it would be pretty cool.
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