Deleting files, and deleting files in the trash work just fine.

My issue is the view window. 2 of the 4 window view options shows all files, the other 2 (List and Cover Flow) only shows one or two random ones (most times the visible file is a folder, but I've seen an actual file be visible as well). I haven't seen more than 2 be visible at one time under List view or Cover Flow view.

I've repaired permissions, cleared cache, ran Disk Warrior, but nothing has fixed the issue. It seems like it happened after updating to 10.5.6. My previous G5 dual 1.8 PPC running 10.5.5, and my Mac at work (same specs as my current system) doesn't have this issue.

As I mentioned, I can delete files I put in the trash, I just can't see them under List or Cover Flow view. I prefer viewing windows as list. More of a nuisance than anything.