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    Time Machine - Single Folder Backup
    Hi All,

    I've just decided to try out Time Machine. After choosing a disk to use (i.e. my external disk) I've found that you cannot choose a single folder to collection of folders to back up; in actual fact, you have to choose which to exclude. This has meant that I've had to exclude:

    All files and folders on the hard disk root except 'Users'.
    All the folders and files in the users folder except my home directory.
    All of the files and folders except 'documents' (which I want to back up).

    This is ridiculous! Every enterprise class backup solution I've used requires you to choose which items you WANT to backup! Although I can understand why they would do it in this way, why could they not allowed the user to alter the default behavior?

    Another thing; it also seems like you can only choose the disk you wish to backup to, not a specific folder within that disk.

    I know that this is, essentially, a free piece of software included in OS X but come on Apple, this is hardly user-friendly!
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    I think you are missing the point of Time Machine, it's meant to be VERY user friendly, you seem to be a power user, this is probably not suited for you. It works best as a total back-up solution, not a pick and choose scenario. Try it in it's default form and see how it works!

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    Yeah. I personally agree with Erikjenkins1187. The main purpose to use Time Machine is to back up the whole HD so you can revert your HD to time zone you wanted. Like make your mac back to two days ago when there is something goes wrong today. It doesn't give you a choice to choose a folder in the disk but it does automatically make a folder for you. It also make a folder of each Mac you backup on the disk.
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    My issue with Time Machine is that you can't choose a specific drive back up. In my case I have 4 internal drives, when I startup Time Machine, I choose the designated backup drive, but it looks to back ALL current mounted drives. Needless to say, I'm not looking to back up all my drives, just the startup. But it doesn't give me that option. Like Circularsaw, I am a power user. I didn't expect Time Machine to be customizable (ie. specific folders), but I thought it would at least let you choose which drive you want to back up. I guess until this issue is resolved. I'll be sticking with CarbonCopyCloner to do my backups. At least with CCC you can specify drives and folders to do incremental backups.
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    I think you've missed my point - It's not friendly for those who are a bit knowledgeable...

    It's counter intuitive and actually Only friendly if you turn it on and leave it well alone. It's more of a function that a piece of software.

    Oh well, got rid of it today. My first disappointment with Mac OS.
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