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    can OS X Leopard be installed twice?
    Hi there,

    Recently I purchased a macbook pro which came with osx leopard and i-life 09. I also have a PPC G5 (late 04) which runs off tiger (10.4.11).

    Am i able to install the grey dvd (Leopard) which came with the macbook pro into my G5? I put the disk in and it came up ready to install, but to restart first etc. that's when i ejected, getting paranoid something would screw up.

    Any help, much appreciated!

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    The grey install disks are machine specific and only work on the machine they came with. If you buy the full retail version of Leopard, the disk is black, it can be used on any machine that is faster than the G4 867 level. Yes you can install it more than once on you own personal machines.

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    thanks chilbear.

    sounds reasonable to me. By that logic, If i purchased the retail version of Leopard, would I then be able to just use the i-life09 that came with the macbook pro?? rather than buying that as well? (the i-life disk doesn't look as machine specific).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilbear View Post
    Yes you can install it more than once on you own personal machines.
    That is incorrect. A single license can only be installed on a single machine at a time. This also goes for iLife, you can't install it on your older machine if it's still installed on your new one.

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    Only legal way around that is to purchase the Family Pack of Leopard and of iLife 09. That can be installed on up to 5 machines in the same household.

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