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    Question Auto-Label by Kind?
    I was wondering there was any way to make Leopard auto-label files by the kind of file that it is. Fore example, I'm a college student so I have hundreds of document sitting around in different folders for different classes. It would be helpful if I could have all of my .doc files be labeled a pale yellow and all of my .pdf files be labeled a pale blue upon creation.

    So to help organize my hectic files (I'm a History major so I do a lot of writing) can I auto-label file types? I've been trying to figure this out for nearly a month now with no results. Or perhaps label it when I create it from the "Save as..." menu.

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    Smile Automatic File Coloring
    I don't think Mac OSX supports this function.

    A simple way to do this is:

    1) Create a smart folder with the type of file you want to color.
    2) Select all files in the folder
    3) Two finger click the file list and select the required color at the bottom of the pull down menu

    In this way all your e.g. PDF files on your computer do instantly have the right color

    Just check the smart folder every now and than to color new files.


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