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    Installing Leopard Server but had some data retention questions...
    Ok I'm about to take the plunge and install Leopard server on this machine but I had some questions about saving all my data... Is the best way to save my files and settings just to copy my home folder to another drive and copy it back once I install Leopard Server? Is that also the best thing to do for my Application folder? Are there any better way or more advised way to back my data up?

    Also Leopard won't by chance say something like 'There is another installation on this partition do you want to retain the users data?' or something to that affect when I install will it? If anyone can shed some light I'd be really grateful.

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    You can try to just install over the current install. Just install the packages in /Volumes/Mac OSX Server Install Disc/System/Install/System...pkg. I think I got the path right, if it's not exactly like that It's something similar. Thats how I did it. I know that the install disc won't let you install Leopard Server on top of a existing Leopard Server install, no idea about intalling on a partition with Tiger Server or Leopard Client. Otherwise, yes, back up the users, preferences and apps you want and re install. But I SERIOUSLY recommend making a full back up of the HD, just in case you want something else.

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