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Thread: Firewall problems causing iChat not to work

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    Firewall problems causing iChat not to work

    I have had my Macbook for about a month now, and currently am having some problems with my network and more specifically iChat. I am connecting wireless to the internet at home. Until about 3 days ago, everything was working fine. I could log into iChat with no problems. But now when I log in none of my buddies or anything show up. I thought that nobody was online, but I checked and there were people online. I learned through my school a little about networks and firewalls, so I decided to check a different wireless network that shows up on my computer to see if anything differs at all. And sure enough, everything works perfectly. I can also connect perfectly to iChat and everything on my schools wireless network, so there is something holding back iChat from my home network.

    I did some searching around and found the 'firewall logs' menu and found something interesting. I clicked on "allow only essential services", and "enable firewall logging is checked". In the log I see several of these messages:

    "Feb 21 11:57:03 Buchanan-Kyle Firewall50: Deny iChat data in from uid = 0 proto=17"

    Something is obviously blocking iChat data, and I am so confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    I am using:
    Macbook (white) Mac OS X (10.5.6)

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    Under System Preferences > Security > Firewall, try the following:

    - As you have "Allow only essential services" selected, click the + box towards the bottom.
    - Select iChat and click OK
    - With iChat now in the list, make sure it is set to "Allow incoming connections"

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