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    Issue After Downloading Security Update 2009-001
    I just downloaded Security Update 2009-001 onto my iBook G4 and I'm having what seems to be a minor issue. Regardless of what app I'm running, I keep getting switched back to the Finder, like I used command+tab to switch between applications. It doesn't seem to be a major issue, but it's really annoying more than anything. Has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks in advance.

    Update: I think Finder might be relaunching every few minutes or so. It looks like it's doing the same thing as when you relaunch it from the Force Quit window.

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    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

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    some security updates have been causing glitches

    Even if you already run 10.4.11, try downloading and running the combo update

    Apple - Downloads - Mac OS X Updates - Mac OS X 10.4.11 Combo Update (PPC)

    This often brings back stability to the os
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    Thanks for the help. I read that in an earlier thread and tried it but it didn't seem to fix the problem I was having. I found a few people on the Apple support website that were having the same problem. I turned off StuffIt AVR in the System Preferences and it seems to have fixed the issue. Here's a link to the thread on the Apple site if anyone else is having the same problem.

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