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Thread: Searches not working

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    Searches not working
    I have an iMac with 10.5.5 and it seems since last update neither Spotlight nor COM-F search properly. Even when I enter the exact name of a jpeg file on the desktop COM-F can't find it. Used to work fine. I've posted at other similar forums but so far no reponses at all. I did Repair Disk Premissions twice.

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    I have noticed this and it also applies to network volume searches. It always defaults to the host computer and ignores the other volumes available. To search within a volume, I found I had to be inside that volume and do the search then. It would default to the user HD but the outside volume you wanted searched was listed at the top of the open window. Re touching the desired volume got me the search in the correct volume I was looking for. Something is fubared and it has to do with preferences and permissions I would bet but move on and work around it. Maybe 10.5.7 or 8 might have it fixed.

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