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gm1644 02-19-2009 12:23 PM

after a corruption in "archive and install" leopard doesnt show up! cant boot!
im not sure why this was deleted before...

pleease help! i am having a huge problem with my macbook pro running leopard. i was originally trying to partition my hardrive for windows with boot camp but that failed cause it "couldnt move files" so i ran disk utility with the installation disk to fix the harddrive.

anyways next thing i know i boot my computer and it stops at the blue login screen before it has the option to login with the spinning wheel and does a loop of blue screens with spinning wheel. wont boot in safe mode and it always stops at the same screen. so i looked around on the web and it sounded like a had to archive and install. so i did that and then half an hour in it told me i had a corrupt file and i had to restart.

so i restarted and then it brought me straight to the leopard installation screen and told me that "mac osx cannot be upgraded to v10.5 on your computer" because "macosx 10.4 or later could not be found"!!! i used the disk util to repair the hard drive but it said everything was fine. i cant safe boot, it wont give me the option to archive and install again its only giving me the option to erase my whole harddrive!

pleeease help! i have not backed up in 2 months! is there anyway to get this to start up or back up some files from this point?

Chilbear 02-19-2009 02:50 PM

It sounds like you fubared the OS X install from Bootcamp. Do you have a firewire external you can install OS X onto and then start up from? If you do, copy your pieces you wish to save (if they exist) under your user name.

If Leopard DVD is allowed as the startup OS - use the Disk Utility to tell us what it sees as partions. Hopefully you will see two - OS X and Windows. If you see only one NTFS partition your Mac was erased to install Windows I think.

You are suppose to partition from the Mac version of Disk Utility to make the second partition and then install Windows into the new partition. Letting Windows control the disk space is deadly as you may find out.

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