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    Jan 23, 2009
    non existent track pad
    So I was having some troubles with connecting to the internet and I was told to reformat the *******. so i was reinstalling os x on my macbook pro and now I cant edit my trackpad because apparently i dont have one installed. ...even though I can use it for everything but scrolling and clicking.

    I didn't have this problem when I first set up my computer and I cant find anything about it on the web... anything about it or even drivers for my track pad.

    FURTHERMORE now when I use my volume control on the keyboard instead of changing the volume it brings up the "dashboard."

    What have I done?

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    I really don't get why some1 would suggest to reformat your computer (meaning probably to reinstall your os) to fix a connectivity problem, BUT at least I can help you out with the F keys for volume and dash board

    there is a check box "Use All F keys as standard function keys" in the Keyboard preference panel under System Preferences, if you have that checked, then you have to press the Fn key to use the volume, brightness keys ... so if you uncheck it, it will be back to what you're used to

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    Jan 23, 2009
    I cant seem to get that to work. I'm checking and unchecking the box and nothing seems to change.

    If it makes any difference, the holding the Fn key doesn't restore the F12 key to it's original function even when the box is checked

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