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    Exclamation Re-installing OS X, need to bypass Disk 2 prompt
    Today has been a horrible day for Chelsey and her aging MacBook. First, the hard-drive crashed. I called tech support and after going through the motions (we both already knew what was coming), my data was declared "screwed." I had the option to wait until I could get to the Apple Store tomorrow to try and fix it, or do it myself now. Because I have something for work that desperately needs to be done for tomorrow morning, I went with the second option.

    So, here I am, merrily re-installing OS X. Everything is looking good, until it asks for Disk 2.

    ... I have no idea where disk two is, but I would guess that it is thousands of miles away. The worst thing is that the actual operating system is all on Disk 1. Disk 2 is just iLife, etc. But no, my MacBook won't let me do anything until I insert that pesky second disk.

    HELP. How do I skip the prompt for the second disk?

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    Easy, when you are about to begin the installation you will see a screen with a button labeled "Customize" in the bottom left hand corner. Click it and deselect everything except for the base system.

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