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    Creating new folders with artwork/icon?
    Hey guys,

    I'm new to mac and also this forum. I've noticed when your in finder, on the right hand side, under places there are default folders such as music, pictures, videos, downloads etc. They all have special icons/artwork such as the music having the blue music icon. When you create a folder, it only has the folder with no artwork. Is there a way to create a new folder and add an artwork/icon? For example if I wanted to make a "music 2" folder to put underneath music which has the blue music Icon, can I do this for my new folder or even a different icon/artwork image all together?

    Sorry if i'm not 100% clear...


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    right click on the folder, choose get info ... you can drag-drop icons to the little icon on the top

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    Of course you can make folders under the music folder in sidebar. The icon in sidebar is just a alias for the original folders. The original folders of Music, picture, movie are under the //username/library/... You can go in the original folders and make any folders you like. For the graphic icon, you can copy any pictures and paste it to the icon. Just copy any images (jpeg)/icon graphic (many can download from the web) you like and highlight the folder you want to paste in. Press Command I (get info command) or go to Menu/File/Get info. Then highlight the little icon in the top and paste.
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