Hi All

Am still new to the mac and have been trying to set up some printers. My current work network has 10 xp machines and 1 vista machine on a workgroup with a 2003 server used for mail.

I managed somehow to add a epson printer to mac from 1 of the windows xp machine fine when I first got the mac, now I am trying to add an hp printer from a vista machine and have no joy.

I can see the xp machine and have setup the workgroup in the wins section but still cant see the vista machine when trying to add a printer. Is there a place where I can specify the smb address as I can see files on this machine.

As I could see the 2003 server I added the printer to that and shared it, test prints worked fine from server to vista machine. Added shared 2003 server printer to mac and when I print it then sits in the spooler on the 2003 server and never prints

Can anyone help?