I've been told that I need to install a new job tracking program
(Citrix), and every time that I double-click the .dmg, it mounts itself fine.
THEN I double-click the app to install it on my Mac, and it craps the bed.
This has also happened with Zinio reader. It seems pretty hit and miss lately.
I've run Disk Utilities, and it says everything is okay, but apparently I'm missing something. Can I get a guru, please? I know how helpful this forum has been for me in the past.
Thanks to any/everyone responding.

My installer app has recently gone BANANAS on me. It quits 99% of the time that I try and use it. I can't install ANY new goodies (Safari 4.0). I asked my fellow Mac-ofiles in the office and they suggested that I use the disk utility from the install disk (I used it from the Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility already, and it said everything was okay. Obviously that's not true, otherwise it'd work), but I'm running 10.5.6 now. Won't running Disk Utilities from 10.5 kind of retro-grade me? In other words, aren't I DOWNgrading in the testing arena? Please help me. Safari 4.0 beckons. Thanks.