For years I have had two drives in my trusty old G4: one drive that only holds the system and applications etc, and another 'user drive', where I save all data. A friend set this up for me when I first got a Mac, and I have got very used to working in this way.

By now, I only use this 450MHz G4 for administrative tasks, and recently I decided to wipe both drives, and install a fresh system (10.4, as I thought 10.5 wouldn't be a good idea on such an old machine). Sadly, my knowledgeable friend has since vanished, and I do not know how to have my home folder (the one with the house symbol, and the subfolders Documents, Music, Movies, Pictures etc on the secondary drive.

All I know is that I have to use NetInfo Manager to do this, but that's how far my knowledge goes. Can anyone help?

While I'm on the matter: Am I right in thinking that NetInfo Manager does not exist in 10.5 any more? I'm planning to also install a new system (10.5) on my G5 - how is it done in Leopard?