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    My Computer thinks it's on the internet, but it isn't.
    So last week my HD experienced a rather traumatic incident and died. I got a new, larger HD put in, and the computer (renamed Duncan Idaho for any who get the joke) came back to me loaded with Leopard, where before I had Tiger. Yippy! But now I have the strangest computer issue ever. It connects to Wi-Fi fine at school. It connects to my router at home by Ethernet. But it will no longer connect to the same router when I want to do it wirelessly! The weirdest part is that it thinks that it does. It recognizes the router and vice versa, and it even recognizes the other computers on the network. But webpages will not load. They don't even quickly show an error message about not being able to find the site. Both Safari and Firefox tried really, really hard to load the pages for quite some time. I ran a diagnostic and it said it was fine.

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    Do you have security turned on in the router? (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) Sounds like you might... if so, turn it off temporarily to see if you can connect. Since you can connect by ethernet, the connection and your machine are OK.

    If you can connect with security turned off, reset the router with a new password, and then make sure your Airport is using the same password.


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    I've tried your suggestion and it didn't work. Any other ideas? This really seems to be the computer equivalent of a locked room mystery.

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