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    wanna back up macbook
    ok so this is probably a real noob question and well i am still sorta a noob with macs ( had my macbook about a year )
    i jsut got a 1TB HD to back up my machine

    when i got he mac i upgraded the drive to a 250 shortly after

    here are my questions
    i really want to find all of my original pics on the mac.
    ( i have found them in finder but also a ton of mac graphics ) however i do have some broken links in iphoto for some groups of photos where i click to open and it cant find them so i need to find all the real originals

    this would be easy if i did it correctly from the start but i didnt put everything int he pics folder because my canon camera would only allow me to import thru iphoto which i wont be using after the rebuild

    i want to copy all my photos, music, to the drive everything else i can get back or re-enter after i rebuild this book

    please help me find all my photos and music so i can get this done


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    I'm rather confused, are the photos on your backup external drive, or on your MB?

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    on the macbook
    but i found a way to get them all i beleive under finder... all save data jpg

    i think

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    Try control click on the photos in iphoto. The pop-up menu will get u a choice to find the original , hopefully! If not, what version of iphoto are u using? Because in iphoto'08, the iphoto library is hidden so you can only find the original through the pop-up menu. But for eariler version, you should find the original photos in iphoto library under the user home folder.
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