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    Macbook screen dark on startup
    Hey guys, I have a Macbook that I bought brand new less than a year ago from Apple, I love it, but it now has a problem. Whenever I start the computer up the screen will initially be kind of dark, and the graphics on the desktop look as if they are of lower quality. However, I have discovered that if I start up the application Front Row, the screen will return to normal the rest of the time it is on. But as soon as I turn it off and start it back up the screen is like that again, and I once again have to get rid of it by opening up Front Row. I attempted to do two screen shots to show the how it looks at first, and then how it looks normal, but when I looked at the screen shots I took they both looked the same....weird? If any of you guys have any knowledge of this problem I would greatly appreciate it. This computer does still have a warranty so if all else fails, I'll have to take it to the shop. Thanks.

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    ?? anyone

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