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    I have been uploading a lot of images and videos from my camera over the past couple months, transfering files to me external hardive when my MacBook runs out of space. I have now finally gotten down to trying to organize and put together different I movies and slides shows and such. The problem is all the files are labled by dates, which to me just looks like a whole bunch of numbers. When I do change a final name that file gets moved to where it should be arranged. My question is how do I mass select picture files and movie files and change all their names to the same thing? Is there some program I can download? What should I do?

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    What do you mean change them all to the same thing?
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    1.) Open Finder
    2.) Select all files you want to rename
    3.) Right click (control click) on one of the selected files go to more>automator>create workflow
    4.) On the top left select actions
    5.) Type rename into the search box
    6.) Double click rename finder items
    7.) Click don't add
    8.) Select the options you would like I am assuming you will want make sequential.
    9.) Hit run on the top right

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