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    Mail app opening at startup

    I recently had some problems with my iMac and decided to do an archive and install to start fresh. Before I re-installed leopard, I had the mail application set to open at login. After the re-install, I decided that I didn't want it to open at login and removed it from the login item in system preferences -> accounts. The trouble is, it still opens at login. Is there somewhere else I can look to turn this feature off?


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    First thing I'd try is add it back to the startup items - log out and back in - then remove it again - log out and back in. Sometimes this will do it.

    Next would use Onyx, go to the automation tab, check everything except the Rebuild section and execute it.

    Next, would try going into Finder - your user - Library - Preferences, and move to the desktop - if that works you can trash the file. You may have to add back in the items you want to start at login after this.

    You can do the last one 2nd, but if you're not already using Onyx or MainMenu, highly recommend one of them.
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