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    Possible Child Lock, no Safari, no right-clicking, no moving files
    Hello all,
    I just got a Power PC G3 laptop from a friend, who got it from his x-wife. I tried to use it to connect to internet but Safari won't load. I also cannot do anything with the right mouse button or move items to/ from folders, etc.

    The hard drive icon on the desktop is a yellow square with an X in it. The X has a dot over it to make it look sort of like a person. The names under all icons in folders and out have a red background.

    It seems like a child lock but I cannot figure out how to access it. Parental lock in system preferences says it cannot be turned on in an administrator account.

    Specs are:
    Power PC G3 laptop
    384 mb SDRAM

    OS 10.4.11


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    Right mouse button use ctrl click or
    System prefs > Mouse and keyboard set right click as secondary click. While there check the other mouse settings.

    One can use any icon and name for the hard drive so that doesn't mean much.

    Red background ~ System prefs > Appearance > Highlight colour = red maybe

    Keep in mind that this is a laptop set up by an ex wife and go from there. A bit of lateral thinking will help and so will the original discs to reinstall.
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