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    Question installing using target mode
    first off im a nube when it comes to Macs.. so if it sounds like i dont know what im talking about.. chance is i dont.

    Ive got a G4 running 10.4 and a wiped clean G5

    i want to take 10.5 and put on the G5.

    trick is.. i dont have a DVD drive in the G5.

    so a friend got me an image of 10.5 on an external HD


    i connect the two computers together using FireWire

    connect the EHD to the G4 using USB

    boot the G5 in target mode

    on the G4.. use disk utility

    destination: G5 drive

    image: off USB HD

    then let it transfer....

    will everything work like i plan?
    am i missing anything?
    any advise or comments?

    Thanks for reading!!!

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    First off, the image your "friend" gave you is an illegal copy of Leopard. If you want to install Leopard you must buy a retail copy.

    The procedure you're suggesting probably won't work anyway. Buy a DVD drive for the G5 and install it. Then use the retail copy of Leopard to install.


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    We need a BIG sign in the front paddock stating... IF YOU WANT TO INSTALL LEOPARD BUY THE RETAIL DISC......

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    unfortunately your idea wont work (not because your using an illegal copy) because you cant install from an image. if you used disk utility and restore the image to the external drive then you could just connect the drive to the g5 and you would be on your way.

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