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    i lost my saved mail
    after installing leopard my mail started to not respond. it was looked at by a mac store employee (my wife took the macbook there.) when i got the book back and opened mail all of my saved mail was gone: inbox, junk, sent, draft.

    is there anyway to retrieve these?

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    First rule before taking your machine in to have it serviced is make a backup of everything to an external hard drive.

    Have you tried doing a Spotlight search for any of the mail topics that you may remember? It could be that the mail folders were moved and Mac Mail can't find them. If your email was somehow deleted and the space they formerly occupied was overwritten it will be next to impossible to retrieve anything.

    If those emails are important, you may want to try "FileSalvage". There's no guaranty it will get your emails back though.


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    Just want to check out if your Mail application was connecting at all? As mine does not after the Leopard installation.

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