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    Spotlight just wont index
    Hi everyone. I recently put Leopard on a clean drive in a Mac Pro and now twice havent been able to get Spotlight to make an index.
    Ive tried excluding drives in Preferences.
    Ive run Onyx and Disk Warrior
    Ive manually turned off, deleted, and reactivated in Terminal.

    To be fair, some of the data is from an older machine and my first thought is that it may be corrupted. This is a music production computer and has a couple hundred Gb of sample libraries and such on it that need to be moved from one drive to the other, but aside from Spotlight, there are no problems. I have begun to suspect that some of these files are the cause of Spotlights woes but I cant seem to narrow down which ones or if its the same ones every time.

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    I dont have a clear answer but I would start with process of elimination. in the spotlight preferences I would exclude everything except maybe a drive or even a folder and see if it finishes successfully. If it does have it index more and more until you find your problem.

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