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    installing os from original H.D. to a new one
    Help very much appreciated here. I would like to do a clean install of 10.5 onto a newly installed hd. I currently have two hd's in the machine, one with 10.2 installed, and one with 10.5, (corrupted, a mess). The problem is, I can't boot directly to the install disk (kernel panic), however, If I boot to the drive with 10.2 on it, I can open the install disk from desktop. If I run the installation from that drive, with the new drive as the target, am I asking for problems? any issues anyone can foresee here? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Need more information.

    what type of computer?
    is the 10.2 corrupt of the 10.5?
    are the two operating systems on separate drives?
    which drive are you trying to install the new os on?
    does it kernel panic only if booting off the os disc?

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