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Thread: Newbie Needs Help..

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    Feb 09, 2009
    Newbie Needs Help..
    Hello All,

    Last week I purchased a MacBook and trying to find out how it works I want to change something but the system does not let me do it.

    I click on Macintosh HD and on the left hand side there is a tab called Places and under Places tab there is a home icon.

    In order to change the name beside the home icon, I click on Get Info and try to change the name from Name & Extensions tab.

    But I receive an error that says ".....can't be modified or deleted because it is required by Mac OS X"

    Please help me to change the name..


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    yeah, you don't want to do that. changing the name of the home folder will cause all sort of problems.

    i'm surprised you got an error, people do it all the time and it ends up really making a mess of your profile. maybe apple fixed it so you can't do it anymore...
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    Feb 09, 2009
    So, what can I do now ? I really want to change that name..

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    try this: Mac OS X: How to change user short name or home directory name
    it's sort of a walk-around, but should work if you're careful, nevertheless I would back up important data

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    Feb 09, 2009
    Thank you. Will read it carefully..

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