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arekdaset 02-09-2009 03:10 PM

Installing Mac OS 9.2.2 Running 10.4.11
I am trying to install Classic on my 2001 Digital Audio 733MHZ 896 MBRAM Power PC. Currently I have 10.4.11 installed and wanted to try and install my classic without deleting 10.4.11? Is that possible? I have read somewhere that I should get the original disc and copy the system folder to the classic folder on 10.4.11. I have done that but when I try to run it it just opens the classic window and hangs. Anyone have any suggestions?

I posted on a forum and someone said that it doesn't support classic but than why would it be in my systems preferences if it wasn't supported?

I do have all the original disc that came with my machine.:Cool:

louishen 02-09-2009 03:25 PM

All powerPC macs support classic

You will need to boot from the OS 9 install disk to install, I think it is the C key on start-up, from there the installation should be quite simple

Your mac supports booting directly in to OS 9 so booting off the CD should work

Mac OS 8, 9: Starting your computer from floppy or CD-ROM disc

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